About Library


The zsombói Attila József Community Center and Library is a public library library may use the services of anyone who accepts the conditions of use. The users include: library members and library users. The library visits, the following basic services are available free of charge during opening hours:

  • View the library,
  • Information about the library, the collections, services, and the library system
  • Documents printed on site use (books, newspapers).


Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 9-13

Wednesday: 13-17

Thursday: 13-17

Friday: 9-13

Saturday: closed

A library with membership enrollment.

Library membership is available free of charge services: lending, interlibrary loan, extension and information.




Bookmark adults with an ID card, students, children should be guarantor (18 years or older or retired individual search) switch. The guarantors must present ID card and sign a guarantor declaration.

Enrollment for all library users, the following personal information and shall provide proof of name, mother's maiden name, place and date of birth, address, ID card or passport number. The occupation and employer details for the statistical non-binding.

The enrollment policy commits the library to use it for parts of the document management, compliance with the rules, changes in data reporting. Besides his signature commits itself to the borrowed documents olvasójegyben return date indicated.

In the reader's ticket is included in the directory name, address, phone number, the reading records of library number, name, address, date of issue of the library card, and carrying out the operation of the librarian's mark.

Registration fee for one year, renew their ID card or student card again by production.

A library card when visiting the reading should be taken to keep with the user.




The document library holdings - the only exception of the part can be used locally - borrowed. Phonebook for up to 6 pieces of newspaper (magazine) 10 rental units.

The loan period for books three weeks, the newspaper two weeks leaves. The newspapers do not borrow from the week Latest: Rent as soon as the library last week during opening day of the fourth hour is possible. The deadline for lending books - if you did not record for another - can be extended up to two times in person, by phone (62/595-560) or e-mail (konyvtar@zsombo.hu). The newspapers can not be extended rental period.

A library member is obliged to document borrowed it for the specified time limit to bring back.




The rentals can be booked in the documents sought. The receipt of the document library - by phone or e-mail - to inform members of the library.




Interlibrary lending library members to ensure the documents are not found in the library's holdings of its own.




The zsombói Attila József Community Center and Library folder of documents obtained Zsombó constitute assets, so the common property for the use of all library users responsible.

Liability for damages:

· The library equipment, instruments and documents required under each intended use, the damage recoverable.

· The library infringements of conduct of the visit and the suspension of library membership entails. The offensive conduct against a person acting librarian, considered official.

· If you hire a lost or damaged document, you must work the same on the same issue of a perfect copy delivered to the library. If the document is unobtainable, the library is entitled to compensation, which is the actual purchase price of the lost document. The lost book value of the librarian finds the store, book stores or by price.

· The library does not settle the debt rental membership will be suspended until it settles.



A directory of the bags and coats must be stored in corridors teeth. The values ​​are placed in safe on request at the library. The value of leaving bags and coats can not accept responsibility for the library.

The lending library megsértőitől rules and waive the right to use the local librarian, and director of the Community Center.




The library user comments and complaints of their respective owners appeal the library, the Community Center Director and the Mayor's Office may be.