Sincerely welcome Zsombó educational institutions of the village's website! József Attila the Community Center and Library is named after the 2008th On March 1, emerged organically incorporating the municipal library and the Wesselényi Nicholas Folk High School.

Zsombó educational and cultural history of the XX. century began. Organizers of the Catholic Church and farm schools were teaching. The farm management and lifestyle has created a distinctive cultural forms: it was here Host Club, which is a regular social gatherings became színtereivé. Felolvasóesteket lasted, but it is essential to the management of professional training seminars have been organized. The youth organizations of the Kalo and the head movement has emerged in the interwar period.

Zsombó Dorozsma settlement until 1950 belonged to the folk high school movement, which is a tradition in the two world wars. The previously active cultural circles, folk high schools, farm schools, social and spiritual emanations kept the Garden Friendly Circle, later Wesselényi's College, which is the country's oldest (2008, 27 school year commences) continuously operating folk high school.

In 1968, was built in the center of the village community center, which in 1984, a new club rooms, and other service rooms were expanded. The House is still room for the amateur arts communities, clubs, village-level cultural and civic events.

The zsombói culture as a whole, however, just not the same as the Community Church, or the building in the Library, and the same can not be alone in the Folk High School yet. The local culture, in fact, all these means, but the essence lies in the people, the people who live here in connecting with each other, mutually respectful, and receivers, organizer community. The culture is "all issues" - as defined by Bibo, you might say: all of us - and most coordinated cselekvéseinké.

Thank you for visiting us here on our website, please do so in person and be a guest of zsombói Community Church!

Sincerely, Csaba Meszaros, Director